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Welcome to Arcadia Care Home! 

Arcadia Care Home is a family care home where we welcome six residents into a safe and warm home away from home. We are committed to providing our residents with a warm, supportive environment based on genuine caring and respect. Located in Waxhaw, NC, Arcadia Care Home provides an exceptional alternative to an institutional setting for seniors in need of care. We are dedicated to having our residents feel they are a valued part of our family here at Arcadia Care Home!

This unique approach to assisted living care provides us the ability to ensure the finest of resident care. Our low caregiver to resident ratio enable us to spend more quality time with each resident forming strong relationships. It also provides us the opportunity to create a individualized care plan specific to their personal needs from which they will benefit emotionally, mentally and physically. Our residents receive all the comforts of living in a home-like setting while benefiting from the security of 24-hour assistance. We are committed to giving our residents not only the basic needs but also love, respect, attention and understanding. It is our belief that when the residents feel like they are at home, they are more comfortable, more secure and have a real sense of belonging.

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